An Obesity Risk Even Before School Starts

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Have you have ever wondered whether or not your child may grow up to be an obesity risk later in life?  Then looking at their lifestyle before they start school may be the answer.

The New England Journal of Medicine published the findings of a study, which indicated that a child’s risk of becoming obese by the age of 14 could be worked out as early as before he or she actually attends their first day at school.

There were various factors that were taken into consideration, such as family incomes, this indicated that the obesity appeared to be less common within really wealthy families, and a bit more prevalent in families of the middle to lower income bracket.

Another factor was the child’s weight at birth, where by a percentage of children that weighed a lot at birth, were more likely to go on and become obese at a later age.
These studies are not the be and end all to the obesity problem, and the finding suggest that help and support is needed for the children that are overweight, so that they may be educated for a healthier adult life.

Any parents that are concerned about their child’s weight should consult with their doctor, as it is hard to tell just by looking what is overweight and what is not.

No child should be placed on any sort of diet, without the advice from their doctor.


Sources:  Sci-Tech-Today   Healthline


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