Are Dental Teeth Whitening Products Safe?

Teeth Whitening

It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a new user or a frequent user, you might possibly have some questions about dental teeth whitening.

Usually the first question people want answered is, “Is this safe for me to use?” The answer is absolutely.

None of the whiteners on the market today cause any damage to the tooth itself, the gums or the nerves. It won’t wear away the tooth enamel.

They’re perfectly safe to use according to the guidelines in the product information sheet.

Another question that people want answered about dental teeth whitening is, “Will the whitener mess up any dental work I’ve had done?” The answer to that is no, the products don’t cause any harm to fillings, crowns, etc.

But keep in mind that while it won’t harm them, if you have dark fillings or you have bridges, the product can’t change the color of that dental work.

So if you’ve had extensive work done on your teeth and you want to change the color of your veneers, you’ll have to check with your dentist on how to proceed.

One of the top questions users of dental teeth whitening products have is, “How often do I have to redo the steps to have whiter teeth?” You should know that no whitening kit will give you a permanent fix. You’ll have to use the product regularly in order to maintain the best results.


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